With the opening of the Hair Saloon “HaARchitektur“ in the 9th district, Elena Markisa from Riga (Latvia) realized her life-long dream. Her knowledge and skills are proven through 11 years of experience and a very successful “Hairmanger” for several of Vienna’s society. Continuous education and improvement is secured through studies, seminars and participation at fashion shows all over the world and furthermore a guarantee for the high level of quality represented in the saloon.

When entering “HaARchitektur“ you are left in the hands of top educated hairstylists. Great emphasis is put on optimal working conditions and the creative process of each employee. The name represents what you get  “HAARCHITEKTUR” Individuality paired with the newest trends.

“HAARCHITEKTUR” is a saloon with clarity. Simple forms and  lines, black leather relaxing chairs, glass and brushed steel surfaces which creates the clear cut image. But where are the brushes, scissors and hairdryers? The clear lines are maintained by having all the hairdressing utilities integrated out of sight, into the mobile work-stations where the cutting, styling  and make-over takes place.

As wellness is an important part of a relaxing “HaARchitektur” offers additional professional beauty make-up and wellness repertoire. Whilst the hair is washed and treated, the comfortable chairs offers the customer a relaxing Shiatzu- back masssage. With seperate controls the massage is individually tailored for optimal wellness.

If preferred the customer can use the self drying lounge to give their new hairstyle a final and personal defined finish.

Discover the product range from  “HaARchitektur“.  Our own brand is in line with todays trends and demands with BIO in focus.   The products contain Birch extract, botanical proteins, Aloe Vera and more…  The haircare programme  contains products for individul hair needs with high intensity  active bio substances that have a deep and long lasting effect to the structure of the hair to mitigate any damage